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Practical information

  • 1 ticket per tour
  • Children under 1,20m must be accompanied.
    The ride is free for the accompanying person, provided they stand on the revolving deck and do not sit on a subject.

    Access instructions for persons with disabilities:
    Priority access, with 1 accompanying person per subject.
    Wheelchair transfer recommended.
    The accompanying person may remain standing on the revolving deck of the Merry-Go-Round while the attraction is moving.
  • For all heights

Still making merry

It's the king of the Jardin, the Napoléon of merry-go-rounds, a masterpiece of fairground arts. Tempted by a ride in a hot-air balloon? Or would you prefer to climb aboard a tram and travel back a century? Why not straddle a giant seahorse? Or how about flying away in a biplane? On the back of a giraffe or gripping onto a lion’s mane, set off on an adventure! The traditional wooden horses and fanciful troupe on the Big Merry-Go-Round are sure to make your head spin!

Two decks of surprises and marvels!